Berlin, Germany

rvolt is your smart home sustainability platform. The mobile app gamifies energy demand and helps to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

The problem we're solving:

Modern energy markets are facing a multitude of challenges. Households ask for more sustainable, cost-effective and digital solutions, but renewable energies are volatile and decentraliced and thus increase costs for energy supply.

Our solution:

Individual users need the tools and transparency to become part of the energy transition. We are building the technology to empower users to take control of their consumption. The mobile app provides notifications on how to use more renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions and save money. They can compare their savings with peer-groups and use their gaming-coins for in-app purchasing of smart home solutions to further increase energy efficiency.

Our differentiator:

The gamification approach and the technology behind sets us apart from competition. We create retention in the game through user profiling and using machine learning to predict behavior. This enables us to provide added-value on smart home data. Due to feedback slopes from our game and the proprietary disaggregating algorithm we can use a variety of data sources - even smart meter data with 15 min timestamp.

Biggest achievement:

We build the app and tested it with more than 60 people (30 active users), though it is not available in the app store. We performed intensive user research with more than 400 people and interviewed more than 200 C-levels and experts in the energy market. We raised 120k€ and developed a smart grid solution for one of Germany's top utilities.

Program themes:

Energy Management and Customer Empowerment Grid Integration of Renewables

Team members:

Quirin Blendl


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