Stockholm, Sweden

RenBloc allows consumers to control what type of energy they consume by providing transparency from source to consumption.

The problem we're solving:

It is today not possible for the consumer to trace the origins of their energy. Unlike how a retail consumer can opt out of a particular type of product because he/she cannot verify its origin, an energy consumer does not have the same option. The value chain from producer to consumer is broken and customers have no way of verifying what energy they actually consume. As such, consumer trust rankings are plummeting and customer flight is massive. At the same time, the energy industry is by far the largest force affecting our climate.

Our solution:

RenBloc has developed a product that in a verifiable way can identify energy production at various power sources and distribute it according to consumer demands. In this way we offer the conscious consumer the ability to truly control what type of energy they consume, while also helping to reducing peak power demand. We give people an opportunity to make an informed, active choice to truly control what type of energy they consume. This openness builds trust between consumers and energy companies, reversing flight and retaining customers.

Our differentiator:

First to Market; RenBloc alone currently offer this service. We have done extensive research in the market, were granted a FTO in 2018, and are currently seeking a patent. We have not encountered any company with our service, both our tech and business differs extensively from what is currently on the market. This is a bold statement, but we can back it up. Thanks to our technology borders are not barriers, as our service works globally. It requires no new hardware installed, and operates with ease on both large and small energy producers.

Biggest achievement:

We have verifiably been able to trace energy from source to consumption. Our product successfully launched with real estate customers, allowing for total control of which energy to use, from source to a consumption. Factoring in the individual buildings and their internal production (solar, heating, etc) we're able to produce, real time, an extremely accurate energy profile. This have huge cost saving impacts, as well as building customer relations. Companies will, for the first time, be able to truly show renewable profile.

Program themes:

Energy Management and Customer Empowerment Energy Marketplace Grid Integration of Renewables Smart Buildings and Infrastructure

Team members:

Gustaf Svensson

Founder & CFO

Johan Smith

Business Develop & Sales Manager

Karteek Kommana


Nils Söderström

Founder & CEO

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