Mycroft Mind

Brno, Czech Republic

Mycroft Mind's machine learning based grid visual analytics and software help utilities extract value from their data.

The problem we're solving:

Distribution network problems connected to the shift to decentralized energy such as phase asymmetry, renewables integration to the grid, EV charging, (non) technical losses etc.

Our solution:

Top-class advanced big data analytics using ultra-fast machine learning modules wth over 8 years of experience in working for the energy industry.

Our differentiator:

Proven track record of successful data analytical project and showing advanced data analytical outputs rendered as an easily understandable 3D scene using Unity 3D game engine. This way, we can build smart grid dynamic digital twin.

Biggest achievement:

The biggest achievement outside Czechia was the non-technical losses detection and localization project we did for the biggest Spanish DSO Iberdrola. In exposing illegal offtakes, our method had a 51 % success rate while the methods used by the DSO so far only worked in 20 % of cases. This meant not only a significant reduction in energy theft, but also in energy losses and grid damage.

Program themes:

Grid Integration of Renewables

Team members:

Filip Procházka


Václav Adamec

Co-Founder & Business Development

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