Leicester, United Kingdom

GenGame build mobile apps that engage households with their energy use in order to solve problems for Utilities.

The problem we're solving:

Residential customer engagement. Consumers are not engaged with their energy usage and spend, though they hold the keys to huge savings and value from demand-side flexibility. Retailers and network companies struggle to engage with residential consumers, resulting in high customer churn and low margins.

Our solution:

We reward households with points and prizes for reducing their electricity use and using it at 'better' times (cheaper, greener...). We do this through mobile apps and games which are powered by smart meter data from their homes. We provide our apps through electricity retailers and network companies who benefit from improved customer relationships, reduced customer churn and value from demand flexibility.

Our differentiator:

We create exciting user propositions and designs which go beyond 'user acceptance' to reach 'user enjoyment'. We employ power system engineers, UX designers, graphic designers and full-stack developers in order to deliver slick and fun user experiences that solve real utility and network problems.

Biggest achievement:

We delivered a DSR app for a network company in the form of a space-ship game to >1000 UK homes which achieved >10% average peak time reductions at very low cost. Our work was awarded the Customer Focus Award at the 2019 UK Energy Innovation Awards.

Program themes:

Energy Management and Customer Empowerment Smart Buildings and Infrastructure

Team members:

Alex Maple


Hannah Suppiah

Product Director

Jeremy Woolley

Head of Utility Projects

Stephane Lee-Favier


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