Tallinn, Estonia

FuseBox helps companies to significantly reduce energy costs and to earn income through participation in demand response. FuseBox is using and developing a fully automatic demand response system.

The problem we're solving:

FuseBox lowers the expenses on electricity for end consumers by using their flexibility/inertio. FuseBox is developing an IT and technology solution to be able to automatically and effectively manage and trade the consumers flexibility for grid balancing services and other energy markets.

Our solution:

FuseBox´s IT system allows to monitor and control the consumers flexibility automatically without human involvement. The technology for consumption measurement and controller for being able to send and receive signals with local BMS, are specially designed for demand response services.

Our differentiator:

FuseBox has been focused on SME clients, where the electricity loads are smaller. So FuseBox has to be more effective and offer more services. FuseBox develops a fully automatical system, to not to disturb consumers and to keep the costs down. FuseBox is starting the development of a demand response aggregation program that turns the sales process around. So the consumers themselves can get ready to be aggregated.

Biggest achievement:

To get the legislation for demand response services right in Estonia, Latvia and Litguania and start of trading the flexibility. Constantly growing portfolio at home market. Staring using own IT and technology for managing and trading the flexibility.

Program themes:

Energy Management and Customer Empowerment Grid Integration of Renewables Smart Buildings and Infrastructure

Team members:

Neeme Takis


Tarvo Ong


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