Ahmedabad, India

Enerlytics provides cloud-based analytics platform for solar asset owners and operators to optimize the performance of their assets.

The problem we're solving:

Solar energy plants after installation are generating less energy than what was expected of them during the time of installation. Currently, the generation data available from solar energy plants is not optimally utilized rather it is sitting idle in different repositories. Performance analytics on this data in order to do root-cause analysis and be able to provide proactive maintenance is missing.

Our solution:

Enerlytics provides a cloud-based software application for centralised monitoring to companies that own and operate solar energy plants. It also provides an AI-based independent performance analytics solution for proactive maintenance of these plants.

Our differentiator:

Early mover advantage having already built a monitoring platform capturing data from more than 100 solar energy plants. Building an AI-based solution that can sit on top of any monitoring system and provide performance analytics. Currently, there is no such solution available in market.

Biggest achievement:

In the span of just 1 year post product launch, our product has been installed at more than 100 solar energy plants across India.

Program themes:

Grid Integration of Renewables

Team members:

Anik Agrawal


Shruti Agrawal

Head of Marketing

Vaibhav Desai

Head of Analytics

Vinod Rajput

Head of Technology

Yash Sakaria

Head of Customer Support

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