Malaga, Spain

Energy Sequence is an web intelligence energy efficiencyplatform that advises customers on energy saving and efficiency measures that are 80% cheaper and quicker than manual methods. We turn data into actionable savings.

The problem we're solving:

Energy retailers demand Digital Engagement and Customer Intelligence as a differentiator in the competitive Global Market to become the trusted energy efficiency advisor. There is a true and large potential for added value services revenue and churn reduction, associated with commodity contracts. On the other hand, companies need to save energy to reamin competitive and become sustainable. The existing market is a huge opportunity to 1.6 million buildings and 3,700 retailers only in Europe, representing a business opportunity of nearly 13 billion euros in energy efficiency and photovoltaic recommendations.

Our solution:

EnergySequence is a utility-scale energy efficiency intelligence platform that enables deeper building energy efficiency and renewable energy savings for large building portfolios at 5-10x lower cost and faster from traditional energy analysis. ES produces energy analytics that deliver insights and recommendations to target buildings and engage customers, then leading to project conversion, finally trackking and verifying savings while scanning for new opportunities.

Our differentiator:

1) EnergySequence scales up energy efficiency, evaluating opportunities with simplified energy models to achieve more savings in less time and at 5-10x lower cost traditional energy analysis. 2) EnergySequence provides a first stop analisys from wholeconsumption data that we call a virtual energy audit, allowing for customer engagement and the initiation of a relevant customer conversation. 3) Utility fundamentals, regulatory knowledge and customer services are an integral part of our solution allowing us to address customized energy modelling scenarios for upcoming energy opportunities. 4) Data : ES integrates different public and private datasources, datalogger devices, and has electric metering capabilities. 5) Deployment: ES provides software mechanisms with customer's legacy systems, BBDD, CRM's. etc

Biggest achievement:

EnergySequence has been certified by the European Commission, as the institution managing the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 with the Seal of Excellence. The Seal of Excellence results from the evaluation of an intenational panel of independent experts, it is a quality label warded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation funding programme, to help these proposals find alternative funding. Our biggest achievement is our presente customer base comprising : Energy Retailers, Corporates, Energy Management Companies, and Photovoltaic installers. EnergySequence has been succesfully introduced within our customer base providing additional vuale

Program themes:

Electric Mobility Energy Management and Customer Empowerment Energy Marketplace Other

Team members:

Aitor Castillo Igartua

Co-Founder. Product owner and responsible for operations

Antonio Ruiz


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