Energy Master

Medellin, Colombia

Energy Master Consulting's business intelligence software empowers corporations to make the best decisions with regards to utility consumption.

The problem we're solving:

Most companies do not review or audit utility invoices; they just pay and assume they are getting the best rate. They end up paying low competitive rates, incurring extra costs, such as taxes that do not apply, or assume utility billing errors from the companies involved. They don't realize how much money they are losing (between 10%-25%) every month. Most companies only control payment processes, but don´t analyse consumptions, deviations, rates, taxation and other variable cost from invoices.

Our solution:

We created a business intelligence platform focused on identifying savings opportunities for our clients such as banks, large-scale brands, retail, and offices in general. We generate sustainability indicators through the automatic upload of energy bills for each site and we create baseline consumption KPI’s, comparatives by size, consumption by City, Region, Typologies and Energy suppliers’ rates. Therefore, we are able to give useful recommendations to our clients about how to max savings.

Our differentiator:

Our magic relies in the three foundations: 1. The marriage between analytics and big data, 2. Zero hardware Investment, 3. Robots to upload the information in our system. Our scalability is global, through the internet we obtain the invoices and we can manage any client worldwide. The BI software is an intellectual property of Energy Master and we update the systems every day. We have the right team, the right Software, and the momentum couldn’t be any better.

Biggest achievement:

We signed 2018´s Most Sustainable Bank in the World, Bancolombia. We are in the process of entering the global Microsoft marketplace. We are nominated by International Fair of the Electrical Industry as “the most successful innovation business of the year in Colombia.” Our numbers: 102,000+ invoices managed, 2.8+ GWh of energy saved, 20+ million liters of water saved, 600+ claims submitted and won, 600+ Ton CO2 less emissions, … only in two years of operation.

Program themes:

Energy Management and Customer Empowerment

Team members:

Alejandro Ramirez


Jaime Salazar


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