ELDO MeterStack

Sandton, South Africa

ELDO MeterStack is creating an open-access marketplace for smart meter and utility device data.

The problem we're solving:

Utility device data sets are often isolated. Not all stakeholders who value (and have rights to) this data can access it, and standard interfaces to address interoperability of data have limited scope.

Our solution:

A DAL (Data Access Layer) for this data, aggregating data from multiple hosts of the data (meter coordinators). This DAL should behave as a marketplace, and should be un-opinionated with respect to formats and protocols. Consumer should control their own data’s exposure into this marketplace

Our differentiator:

Most solutions in this space focus on hardware, comms and data acquisition, or on consumer/business level end-user applications. MeterStack seeks to be a marketplace for governing these interactions outside of the ordinary legislated scope of services and access right. MeterStack adds value to all stakeholders without onerous conformity requirements, nor requiring stakeholders to give up power (being the hosts of the data) and value within their natural scope.

Biggest achievement:

Have taken on Siemens eMeter and won contract scope away from Siemens' Digital Grid Division for the largest VVIP Large Power Users (LPUs) in a Utility in Pretoria, South Africa.

Program themes:


Team members:

Adam Griffin


Daniel van de ghinste


Matt Wainwright


Tim Ohlsen


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