Drone Nation

Ahmedabad, India

Drone Nation provides AI based comprehensive turnkey solution for planning, designing, monitoring and Maintenance of Energy assets based on Aerial Data.

The problem we're solving:

More than 50% of the infrastructure projects across the world are either late or over budget. Further due to operational inefficiencies, ROI in Energy Sector takes more time than expected. These problems mainly occur due to lack of critical on site data and required analytics for various construction and maintenance activities. Currently the solutions existing in this industry are mainly Satellite Data based or Ground Data based which is a rather traditional way of collecting on site data which is very tedious, no visual reference to it and also not so precise to take accurate decisions for designing/monitoring these projects. Apart from the contractors/consultants, the key top management has almost no way to visualise the progress and status of multiple projects happening in realtime.

Our solution:

Drone Nation provides AI based Turnkey Solution for planning, designing, monitoring and maintenance of Energy Assets on aerial data providing the concerned stakeholders the power to visualise and analyse their on-site data sitting in their office to enable better decision making to ensure that projects are finished on time and are being progressed timely and as well as maintained at optimum level by analysing various sets of aerial data.

Our differentiator:

Existing solutions are mainly focused on traditional ground based methodology or Satellite Imagery and solutions focusing on aerial data do not provide analytics required to cover the entire lifecycle of an asset farm. Their focus is mainly on a single stage of a project which makes the stakeholders end up spending more money to analyse various stages and also not being able to compare all the sets of data on a single platform. Further our proprietary AI techniques not only provide all the high accurate analytics on a single dashboard but also covers the entire lifecycle of an asset. It also enables the stakeholders to use this data for lease/sale of the existing assets without paying any additional cost as all the asset data is available digitally and easy to interpret.

Biggest achievement:

Drone Nation managed to map Entire City of Ahmedabad, India using a unique drone concept and proprietary real time algorithms and we generated 3D models and Thermal Models of Entire City within 3 months instead of estimated 1 year, cutting down Survey time by 75% and cost by 70% and implemented Custom Algorithms for Energy Modelling, reducing Greenhouse Gases and this was the first of its kind project in India and Globally! (Reference: https://www.inumber.org)

Program themes:

Smart Buildings and Infrastructure

Team members:

Chetan Reddy


Vichar Shroff


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