Netanya, Israel

Predictive Maintenance solutions for mechanical systems and pipelines (Leak Detection system). AI algorithm to enhance mechanical system efficiency.

The problem we're solving:

Unexpected downtime of a machine. Finding the root cause of a mechanical problem. System unstable - keeping mechanical system stability. Upgrading maintenance regime - Migration your maintenance from periodical maintenance into predictive maintenance.

Our solution:

We function as a company that delivers AI predictive maintenance algorithms, Models, and software, Which can be implemented in many ways. The Predictive software can reside and deploy on a cloud, on a server, on a dedicated computer or be embedded as an edge on solution inside the client products. Our main Services: 1. Diagnosis of a given situation - Finding the root cause of existing problems. 2. Predictive Maintenance for mechanical systems / mechanical equipment - Reduction of faults and accelerated wear rate through improved maintenance processes. 3. Optimization of electromechanical equipment and systems - Maximize system performance while keeping the actual energy consumption. 4. Predicting the behavior of the machines and the consumers - to provide the conditions for effective operation and continuous optimization. 5. Maintaining a stable system - by automatically or periodically calibrating the system. 6. Forecasting customers' behavior - Water, electricity consumption.

Our differentiator:

Deep Learning Technology facing with many challenges such as: - Overfitting - Miss detection - High level of False alarm - Can't deal with complex data/situations - The solution can fit only to one object with specific environmental conditions. At the bottom line Artificial Intelligence algorithms required outstanding computing power and usage amount of historical data to build a successful model. Diagsense successfully overcomes those challenges and due to our approach and algorithm, we need neither outstanding computing power nor usage amount of historical data. Hence we can implement the algorithm embedded on a PLC.

Biggest achievement:

Leak Detection system Deployment at Dor Chemical Factory - 6/2019

Program themes:

Smart Buildings and Infrastructure

Team members:

Roey Streichman

Operations, Business Development

Tidhar Tsuri


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