Barcelona, Spain

Bia’s vision is to transform the world through zero carbon grids. Bia creates intelligent software that turns Electric Vehicles and distributed storage into core enablers of clean and reliable energy grids.

The problem we're solving:

The world needs to transition to zero carbon grids yet as the penetration levels of clean energy and clean transport increase, these siloed technologies cause inefficient operations, rising costs to energy stakeholders and threaten the reliability of our grids. Furthermore, the lack of visibility, forecasting and control can cause an increase in demand for fossil fueled energy rather than a decrease! Interoperation between clean energy assets is the key to zero carbon grids and there is a significant need for intelligent software tools to enable seamless integration.

Our solution:

The Bia platform creates efficient and valuable interoperation between decentralized clean energy assets and the electric grid. With Bia, EV charging sessions are optimized for lower electricity costs, improved battery health and consumption of renewable energy. Our distributed Artificial Intelligence identifies flexibility and aggregates across many distributed assets to deliver valuable grid balancing products. Our solution is asset-agnostic, and allows connectivity between all types of EVSEs. Bia bridges the energy and mobility worlds by providing intelligent tools to reduce costs, reduce complexity and increase grid reliability.

Our differentiator:

Bia’s team has the unique set of skills necessary to build digital solutions for the interoperation of clean energy and clean transport (AI, data science, power systems, software innovation, telecommunications and product design). Our asset-agnostic cloud architecture is easy to scale and our optimization algorithms solve for both EV customer experience and grid needs. We provide a full spectrum of data services and implement custom optimization solutions. We are focused entirely on software innovation and scalability.

Biggest achievement:

We have commercial projects that are providing validation of our technology and value proposition. These projects include strategic partners such as Acciona and B:SM (Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, the largest municipal parking operator in Barcelona). We have established an optimization development project with the University of Massachusets and University of Oregon.

Program themes:

Electric Mobility Energy Management and Customer Empowerment Grid Integration of Renewables Net Zero

Team members:

Candace Saffery Neufeld

CEO & Founder

Gines Espada

Head of Software

Jesus Omana

Head of Data Science

Roby Moyano

Head of Power Systems

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