Berlin, Germany

BEAD is an AI-based software and hardware system that measures a buildings real-time occupancy data to optimise operations.

The problem we're solving:

Every year we waste over $250 Bn worth of energy, $50 Bn by operational inefficiency and over $100 Bn in work efficiency caused by an unhealthy office environment. Traditional automation systems are disconnected from the users and the environment in which they operate. Thus, they end up lighting and ventilating empty buildings, storerooms, and flats most of the time.Building the digital model of buildings and creating this bridge between human behavior and Building systems in real-time without needing any human intervention. Our product, BEAD, is an IoT device that is integrated into the building at multiple points. Our devices analyses and learn the daily use cycle, energy consumption, user behavior and occupancy changes of commercial buildings with its built-in motion, temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors, and gives feedback to automation systems, connecting it to the real-time operation of the building. BEAD sensors analyze human behaviors and occupancy changes inside the building. Next, with the use of BEAD software, occupancy cycles, movements, and density change information can be collected. This information, in turn, helps you to develop marketing strategies, optimize operations and increase energy efficiency without breaching user comfort

Our solution:

BEAD creates digital models of buildings by using real-time data in order to understand human behavior and occupancy patterns of buildings and use the analytics to create Autonomous Digital Buildings.

Our differentiator:

BEAD is creating real-time data from inside of the building which shows us how the people are using the building and how the indoor circumstances are changing during the day. That information is not only used to give reports or monitor the energy consumption BEAD also uses the data in order to operate the buildings automation system ( HVAC and lighting ) with its own AI so that you dont need any human behind the computer who changes the set points and schedules of the automation system BEAD converts building into human-less operated intelligent buildings without the need of an engineer operating the Building automation system

Biggest achievement:

BEAD have installed over 3000 BEAD sensors and system in over 150 Buildings with customers achieving over $600k in savings by optimising operations.

Program themes:

Energy Management and Customer Empowerment Smart Buildings and Infrastructure Other

Team members:

Brentis Cooper

General Manager Australia

Soner Haci


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