AG Energy

Sydney, Australia

AG Energy installs solar systems and provides customised PPAs for commercial customers in regional Australia.

The problem we're solving:

1) SME's have high electricity costs. 2)Renewable energy solutions come with a high capital cost. 3)The effects of climate change are increasing.

Our solution:

1) AG Energy offer cheaper electricity via a combination of storage and solar under a power purchase aggreement. 2) The title of the system will eventually transfer over to the customer. 3) We are adding more renewables to the mix.

Our differentiator:

Branding and communications. No large buyout costs for customers wishing to exit the agreements.

Biggest achievement:

100 kW signed contracts with 3 MW (approx) currently in our sales pipeline.

Program themes:

Grid Integration of Renewables

Team members:

Richard Sauerman

Branding Founder

Terry Curtis


Tori Curtis

Customer Engagement

Wayne Hinton


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