Kevin Lanigan


Narrabri Project JV Manager

Melbourne, Australia

Mentor Table:

Wed 4th Table 6
Thu 5th Table 6

About Kevin:

Kevin has over 30 years in the energy industry, principally in upstream oil and gas (exploration & development) across Australia and parts of south-east Asia, with long-held interests in earth and climate sciences, and societal energy use. Since joining EnergyAustralia in 2012 to manage upstream gas interests, in recent years Kevin has also been involved in other projects, most notably investigating the feasibility of Pumped Hydroelectricity Energy Storage (PHES) and advocating improved residential energy efficiency. He has an enduring drive to see global energy use transition to a lower-carbon future, and believes large-scale storage and improved energy efficiency are critical to achieving that.

Areas of Expertise:

No areas of expertise provided.

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