Alexe Bojovschi


IT & Innovation Managing Director

Mentor Table:

Wed 4th Table 13
Thu 5th Table 13

About Alexe:

Alexe has extensive experience in Innovation, now being a Mentor at the University of Melbourne where he is leading Teams of Innovators. He is the author of the #1 International Bestseller, INNOAPHORISMS – A spark each day – Empower Innovation. Alexe has developed 10 years ago from the ground up an IoT technology, at RMIT University, for fault detection in power networks, featured on ABC Science Show, which is now used by most of Power Utilities in Australia and some overseas. He worked on RADAR technologies with Australian defence and American Force Research Laboratories. His current technology-related work is in Cognitive Sensors and Analytics for satellite systems and urban ecosystems.

Areas of Expertise:

No areas of expertise provided.

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